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Why Our Customers Love Us

​How We Clean Safely & So Well - Hot, Soft & Pure!

The Science Behind the Satisfaction...


Our goal at Oasis Auto Bath is to safely maintain your Showroom Shine for the lifetime you own your car.  Sure it's easy and cheap for a car wash to use hard water, then slap your car with cloth or neopreme foam like most washes out there, but then you wonder how all those swirly scratches got on your finish or why it doesn't shine like it used to. 


We want to earn the right to care for your car.  We implement our proprietary scientific approach combining temperature, water quality, and computer-controlled chemical application techniques to clean safely without rubbing so you can maintain a lifetime of "Showroom Shine" washing at Oasis Auto Bath safely and with no damage to your finish.  That's why we go the extra mile with our on-site $80,000 state-of-the-art water treatment facility. 


First, we soften every drop of water that touches your vehicle.

Next, we heat our detergents with "green" on-demand Gas Water Heaters to supercharge cleaning power.  Then we recycle, refilter, & ozonate our high pressure wash passes.  Lastly, we create and rinse each car with our own purified bottled drinking water.  Pure water means no spots.  No towel necessary.


State of the Art - One Card Swipe Cleans Them All


When Oasis Auto Bath opened in 1997, we were the first automated wash in Florida to accept credit/debit cards for every service.  Today we proudly continue this convenience which includes the Touch Free Automatics, Self Serve Bays, Super Vacuum Cleaners, Fragrance Machines, Carpet Shampooers, and even products in our electronic Detail Vending Island. 


That's right.  Just swipe your credit or debit card once at the Vending Plaza or directly at the Automatics and your last 4 digits become your personal code to use anywhere at Oasis.  Go as long as you want and move from machine to machine, then print an itemized receipt when you're done.  Just Swipe-n-Clean!



Satisfaction Guaranteed!

My name is Keith.  As the Owner / Manager of Oasis Auto Bath, I personally guarantee your satisfaction!  I look forward to serving you whether you have a question, you want car care advice, or need a solution to a problem.  


Please click here or call 813-719-1552 to contact me.  

Escape to Oasis & Wash Your Worries Away

The Oasis Vision started over 20 years ago when an express wash ripped the louvres and side mirror off my car.  I vowed to build a car wash I could trust - One with a dreamlist of options that I would want as a customer.  I wanted it to be fun, with music in every bay.  I wanted lots of space and lots of choices without high pressure ticket writers.  I wanted One with multiple Touch Free Automatics so I could get in and out fast plus be safe from damage.  So I built that dreamlist car wash and named it Oasis Auto Bath, and it turns out our family of customers had the same wishlist.  Our loyal customers have been with us for years, some since the day we opened in 1997.   Oasis Auto Bath welcomes you to join our family too!  Why not give yourself a little luxury and escape to Oasis Auto Bath today?

Big City Technology with Small Town Service

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