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5 Extra Wide Self Serve Wand Bays - 24 Hours a Day - Always Open!


At Oasis Auto Bath, we make car washing fun.  We provide extra wide, extra tall bays with a wide selection of options, quality Turtle Wax Professional cleaners and protectants, and a custom Bose Music system in each bay.  You can even use your credit/debit cards anywhere on property, gold dollars, or quarters.  Scroll down as we walk you through your Oasis Auto Bath experience.

Here's Why Our Bays Are So Special


Our Bays Are Huge - Everyone Has Tons of Elbowroom:  16' wide x 12' Tall Bays.  We can even accomodate Rigs, Recreational Vehicles, & Large Utility Trucks.  


BOSE Music System in Each Bay:  Nothing is quite as fun, relaxing, and cathartic as cleaning your car with all the Oasis options at your fingertips.  We make it even better by piping popular music to each bay with our Bose Music System.  So relax and catch some tunes while you play with the suds.


You Can Use Your Credit Card/Debit Card In Any Bay:  With our Swipe-n-Clean system, just swipe your debit/credit card by the bill changer and your last 4 digits become your personal code.  Use this code anywhere on property by typing it on any keypad followed by the "#" sign.  Of course, we also have Bill Changers if you want to use Gold Dollars or Quarters.  And Remember, those are Real Gold Dollars so if you ever have any left over, you can spend them anywhere.

Professional Turtle Wax
Soaps & Protectants In Each Bay


Don't You Deserve The Best?  The answer is Yes at Oasis Auto Bath, and we make sure by providing you with The Turtle Wax Professional line of products in every Bay.  Just pull the trigger on your wand and feel confident knowing that high quality Turtle Wax detergents and protectants are cleaning and protecting your vehicle.


Turtle Wax Professional products are safe for your finish and biodegradable so you can wash with confidence as you are doing your part to preserve the environment.



$80,000 Water Treatment On Site


We Have Our Own $80,000 Water Treatment Facility On Site:  That's Right.  It's what we do behind the scenes at Oasis Auto Bath that makes the difference.  Most car washes don't even bother with providing this service because the customer never sees it.


At Oasis Auto Bath; however, our goal is to give you more than you expect.  The first thing we do is remove all calcium and magnesium from the water.  By removing these 2 minerals, called softening, we have a dirt-hungry water base to mix with our Turtle Wax products.  This intensifies the cleaning and polishing power so you can clean better and faster.


Next we use a chain of on-demand gas heaters to heat your detergents to supercharge the cleaning power.  We also store, recycle, filter, and ozonate a portion of our wash water.  Finally, we create our own bottled drinking water for your final spot free rinse.



Swipe-n-Clean, Gold Dollars & Quarters


Swipe-n-Clean Credit/Debit Card System:  Simply Swipe your Card at the Swipe-n-Clean Machine under the outdoor Vending Plaza by the Bill Changers.  Your swipe will not charge you, but will "authorize" you to use any machine on property including the Wand Bays, Super Vacuums, Fragrance Machines, Carpet Shampooers, and Touch Free Automatics.  Simply go to any service and type in your card's last 4 digits followed by the "#" sign.  When you hear the double "beep-beep", you're on the network.  Go as long as you like, it's the same price as cash, then hit the "2-Stop" button when you're done.  Go to as many machines as you wish.  When you're finished you can just drive away and your code will deactivate after a few minutes or you can manually deactivate and get a receipt by typing in your code at the original vending plaza machine.


Gold Dollars & Quarter:  We accept both Gold Dollars and Quarters anywhwere on property.  In the Vending Plaza there are 2 Bill Changers for your convenience to vend out Gold Dollars and Quarters.  The Bill Changers accept $1, $5, $10, & $20 Bills and will vend out a combination of Gold Dollars and Quarters.

Choices!  Choices!  Choices!
Just press the keypad in each bay to activate your selection.  Here is a detailed list of services available in each bay, but don't worry if you forget, each bay has a sign that lists these instructions for you. 

Here's a Tip:  Soap UP - Rinse DOWN:  Apply all your Soap and Clearcoat Products from the bottom up to ensure even and maximum coverage, then start from the top of the car and work your way down for any rinse product.


Tire Cleaner:  Best applied on a dry tire and wheel so do this first before moving to bug cleaner.  Pine-Scented Tire Cleaner is mixed with Hot, Soft water and applied from the gun as a low pressure green foam.  TIP:  If you have bad brake dust bonded to your wheels, you have two choices: 1) use our wheel cleaner from the vending island to literally melt it away, or 2) after the car is clean and still wet, use a towel to wipe brake dust away.


Bug Remover:  Loosen up bugs & bird droppings by first spraying this foamy Bug Remover and let it soak as you move to presoak.  This product is mixed with Hot, Soft water and applied from the gun as a low pressure green foam.  IMPORTANT:  The proteins in a bug's body are highly acidic and will eat through your clearcoat in no time so let Oasis help you avoid pockmark damage to your hood & side mirror clearcoat.


Presoak:  After applying Bug Remover and Tire Cleaner, switch to Presoak to quickly coat all surfaces and begin softening that oily, crusty, road film paste.  By letting Presoak "soak", it continues softening everything even while you are working on other parts of the vehicle to help you clean faster and easier.  Lemon-Scented Presoak is mixed with Hot, Soft Water and applied from the gun at medium pressure.  Do not focus on using impact to clean, just quickly coat the entire vehicle before moving directly to foam brush wnhikle presoak still dwells on your vehicle.


Foam Brush:  Now that you're covered with Tire Cleaner, Bug Remover, and Presoak, the dirt will easily wipe away with Foam Brush.  At Oasis Auto Bath, we use only the highest quality brush available - Genuine Long Strand Hog's Hair Guaranteed to Not Scratch Your Surface!  Thick, Rich, Cherry-Scented Foam is mixed with Hot, Soft Water allowing you to Lather your vehicle directly from the brush wand as generous amounts of foam continually extrude from the brush itself!  TIP:  We clean our brushes multiple times daily; however, we suggest you always spray the brushhead quickly with high pressure water as you walk by just in case someone before you left dirt on it.


High Pressure Soap:  After foam brush, move on to high pressure soap to hit areas missed by the foam brush like super sticky bugs, muddy wheel wells, undercarriage, side mirrors, etc.  Optimum nozzle distance is 12" to 14".  You can even angle the tip a little when you approach bug areas and the spray will literally peel them off.  Cherry-Scented High Pressure Detergent is mixed with Hot, Soft Water and sprays out the gun.  


High Pressure Rinse:  Even our Rinse Water is Treated!  Select High Pressure Rinse to spray Cold, Soft Water at High Pressure from the gun to remove foam and prepare the surface for the final steps of Clear Polish, Conditioner, Protectant and Spot Free Rinse.


Tropical Blizzard Triple Shine Clear Coat Polish/Conditioner:  The Fun Never Stops at Oasis!  Grab the Blue Pistol and watch the show as our Tropical Blizzard magically change colors from Blue to Green to Yellow to Orange to Red and Purple right out of the tip of the pistol.  Spray this Clearcoat Conditioner and Polish first before applying Clear Coat Protectant.  Tropical Blizzard Triple Shine is mixed with Hot, Soft Water and is applied in foamy shaving cream consistency out of the blue pistol.


Clear Coat Protectant:  Now that you're squeaky clean and your clearcoat is conditioned and polished, it's time to apply your last product, ClearCoat Protectant to seal in the clean.  Watch the water immediately bead as you use the gun to apply this Lemon-Citrus Scented Protectant mixed with Hot, Soft Water.  


Tip:  To save time, you can actually spray the ClearCoat Protectant Right Over the Polish/Conditioner applying from the bottom up to ensure complete coverage.


High Pressure Rinse:  Why are we listing High Pressure Rinse Twice?  Well, because what you're buying is time so here's a tip to save some time:  After you've applied the ClearCoat Polish/Conditioner and followed up with the Protectant, switch over to the High Pressure Rinse again spraying from the top down to quickly knock off any leftover Foam and excess Protectant before moving on to Spot Free Rinse.


Spot Free Rinse - Guaranteed!  We process and Pure-Filter our own bottled drinking water in our own $80,000 on-site water treatment facility just so you can have an easy spot free rinse.  Normal water is full of dissolved minerals and impurities which turn into spots when the water evaporates.  No Spots at Oasis Auto Bath!  Our water is so pure that when it evaporates, there are no spots - Guaranteed! 


Spot Free Rinse is applied at medium pressure from the gun.  As with all rinses, especially Spot Free, start from the top and work your way to the bottom.  Just think of pushing all the old water off with the new spot free water, especially all glass surfaces including your side mirrors.     Viola!  Another Clean Spot Free Getaway! 



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