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In a Hurry?   Do You Want To Stay In Your Car?  Then let our State of the Art Touch Free Automatics Wash Your Worries Away. Just sit back, relax, and enjoy the privacy and convenience of remaining in your car while you experience the full benefits of the science behind the satisfaction.  Oasis Auto Bath always offers the highest quality and value 24 hours a day, every day.  Every vehicle is custom-measured by our computer for optimum cleaning, and your satisfacton is guaranteed! 


At Oasis we have no pricing tricks or high pressure salesman.  Ahhh.  Isn't that nice?  Touch Free washing is the safest for your car because no cloth or foam with leftover sand and dirt from the cars in front of you ever slaps against your paint.  So you Never have to worry about swirly scratches on your hood, broken mirrors, dented rims, or other damage.  In fact, you don't even have to remove your antennae (unless it's over 7 feet tall).  We can wash ANY vehicle, no matter how long it is, as long as as you fit under the 7' clearance bar.  Yes, we wash utility trucks with ladders.  Yes, we wash duallys.  Yes, we wash limousines.  


So scroll down the page and let us walk you through your next Amazing Oasis Touch Free Experience....

Welcome To Oasis Auto Bath
Touch Free Automatic Services

Your experience begins when you enter the arch underneath the 7' Clearance Bar. 


We welcome ANY vehicle under 7' tall to enter our automatics - even trucks with lift kits. 


Extra long?  We can wash you - even limousines.


Dualleys?  We can wash you.  There's no treadle plate or rails so anyone can enter. 


Utility Vehicles with ladders? We can wash you.  Touch Free means you're safe.


Antennaes?  Keep them on.  You're Safe at Oasis.  We can wash you.

Ahhh.  Isn't that nice and easy?  No worries....It gets better and we've only just begun.....

Touch Screen Automated Cashier


No high pressure salesman will try to upsell you.  Just Touch the Dancing Logo!


When you pull up to the bay, you'll see the touchscreen with the dancing Oasis Auto Bath logo.  Savor your choices from the large wash menu sign, then simply touch your way through the easy audio and visual buttons to complete your wash selection.  


It's quick and easy.  You have many payment options including gift codes, fleet codes, credit/debit cards with instant broadband authorizations, quarters, gold dollars, and cash bills.  You can even print a receipt for your expense report or tax deduction.


If you arrive while another car is being washed, no problem.  You can save time by setting up your wash and cashier payment while the car in front of you is still washing.  Then when the car in front of you fully exits the bay, Oasis will illuminate the green "Go" light immediately to let you know the Touch Free is ready for you to enter.


Underbelly, Wheel & Rocker Blaster


Dried Mud, Salt, Limerock, Road Oils....All these items can build up under your car and in the wheel wells where you don't usually look, and these spots can be dangerous places for rust and corrosion to begin.  Clotted mud in wheels can even affect your vehicle's performance.  At Oasis Auto Bath, we want to help you avoid that risk.


Select Wash Options with Underbelly and Rocker Panel Blasters to rest easy that those hard to see spots are regularly maintained to avoid buildup.  As you enter the bay, you will activate the service then slowly continue forward for full coverage.  High Pressure Underbelly & Rocker Blasters will continue to spray for 10 seconds for a thorough cleaning or until your rear bumper passes through the entrance, whichever comes first. 


How About A Hot Bubble Bath? Choose Single or Double


Using Soft, Hot Water as our base, we offer two safe yet powerful Bubble Bath Passes for optimum cleaning.  Choose Single Bubble Bath for our "Storm" express maintenance wash, or Double Bubble Bath which is included automatically on all other washes.


This is NOT just a double pass of the same product.  Our first Bubble Bath pass is a Low PH product specifically formulated to attack inorganic soils which supercharges the shine on your glass, wheels, and chrome features.  The second Bubble Bath pass is a High PH product targeting and attacking organic soils, but there's an extra benefit...


When the High PH Bubble Bath touches the Low PH product, a chemical heat reaction occurs which melts the dirt right off your surface.  It's safe and extremely effective. 


IMPORTANT TIP:  Do NOT turn on your windshield wipers while the Bubble Bath is being applied or soaking.  It's the dwell time that helps you melt the dirt away.


Even Your Maserati Is Safe with the Oasis High Pressure Touch Free


This is where the science behind the Oasis Auto Bath System Pays Off.  We've invested a lot behind the scenes with our water treatment facility and the Oasis Standard of Excellence is revealed when we appear to magically clean your car without Touching it.


When we apply our high pressure pass, we apply it one side at at time.  First the custom-measured driver's side is activated.  Then when the arms reach the rear of your vehicle, the arm width shifts again to calculate optimum nozzle distance before applying High Pressure to your Passenger side.  Once the HP starts, feel free to use your wipers.


You can see the dirt & grime magically peel off in sheets.  We make it look easy, but now you know the secret is in the science before the High Pressure Ever starts.

Florida Forecast: Tropical Blizzard!


You won't believe your eyes and the kids will be ecstatic when your Tropical Blizzard begins right here in Florida.


You'll literally have a front seat view as you watch the Blizzard coating your hood first before moving toward you until you're completely covered in a foamy blanket of Vibrant Blue, Neon Yellow, and Hot Pink Clearcoat Conditioner/Polishes.


Be sure to set your AC vent to fresh so this Berry-Flavored Polish-Conditioner can fill your entire vehicle with it's wonderfully fragrant aroma.


Who said it doesn't snow in Florida?        (No sweater necessary)   


Clearcoat Protectant


Now that the Tropical Blizzard has Polished and Conditioned your Clear Coat Finish, and the 2nd High Pressure Pass cleansed the pallette, Clear Coat Protectant is applied.


Your "Clear" Coat is simply an unpigmented paint that acts as a transparent protective coat above your colored layer of paint.  If left unprotected, it will oxidize and become cloudy just like any paint will.


Clearcoat Protectant is a product that will earn you great dividends as it provides a barrier against harmful UV Rays which will break down your clear paint.  Regular applications will increase your resale value and allow you to maintain your showroom shine for years to come.


We recommend applying this protectant at least once a month for optimum protection.


Spot Free Rinse - Guaranteed!


Every Wash, no matter which selection you choose, gets Spot Free Rinse - Twice!


In our on-site water treatment facility, we filter, purify, and store bottled drinking water just so we can apply it as a final rinse to your vehicle.  Why?


Well, there are thousands of dissolved minerals in water.  It's kind of like if you melted sugar in water.  If you hold that sugar water glass up to the sun, you won't see the sugar.  But if you pour that sugar water on your hood and wait for the water to evaporate, you will see all those sugar crystals as spots on your paint.


We rinse your car with pure-filtered bottled drinking water.  The water is so pure with no dissolved minerals so when the water evaporates, you have no spots.  Viola!


Now you know the science behind the magic of Oasis Auto Bath!

Spot Free Waterfall - Again!


At Oasis Auto Bath, our goal is to give you more than you expect.  Besides, it's just fun driving through a waterfall!  


At the end of the 1st Spot Free Rinse Pass, your "red" stop light will turn off, and the green "drive forward" light will illuminate.  When the arms unfold and roll back to the home postion by your driver's side mirror, simply exit the bay and drive through the Spot Free Waterfall.


This purified bottled drinking waterfall will now sheet over your entire vehicle providing a double rinse guaranteeing a spot-free finish.  NO Towel Necessary!  Guaranteed!


Another Clean Getaway...


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