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The Oasis Story


Oasis Auto Bath is the car washer's dream.  Twenty years ago, I searched and searched for a car wash with all the features I wanted but never found one.  So finally one day, when an automatic car wash ripped the louvres off my rear window, I realized that if I wanted to find the car wash of my dreams, I was going to have to build it myself.  And that's exactly how the Oasis Auto Bath Vision was born - from a CUSTOMER'S perspective.


CHOICES & QUALITY:  At Oasis Auto Bath, you have a choice to either drive through an express TouchFree Automatic bay or park and wash it yourself in a self serve wand bay, but that's only the beginning.


Our On-Site Water Treatment Facility provides quality-controlled, optimized water as a base for all the products delivered on all vehicles.  We also heat all your optimized water with environmentally friendly,  on-demand Gas heaters.  Everyone knows hot water will clean better and faster.  Can you believe most car washes don't do either of these treatments because they know the customer never sees it?  That's the difference at Oasis - the Vision was built from a customer's perspective. 


Both drive-through Express Automatics are Touch Free.  That means NOTHING will touch your vehicle except detergent, water and protectants.  That means you can be confident that we will safely wash ANY vehicle under 7 feet including Duallys, Ladder Trucks, and Limousines.  Our computer custom measures each car on every wash so you get a peronalized TouchFree Wash every time.  Whether you drive a Fiesta or a Ferrari, Oasis will protect you and keep you safe while she cleans.


All your detergents, polishes and protectants are carefully monitored and plentifully applied in clean, brightly lit bays.  There is 24 hour live video monitoring and the entire property has a Bose Music system so you can enjoy music while you spray in wide oversized bays. 


ALL machines, whether self serve, automatic, vacuum, carpet shampooer, fragrance, or vending island accept Credit Cards, Debit Cards, Quarters, and Gold Dollars.  That's right, you can even get a towel with your credit card on the electronic vending island that hosts a full selection of any detailing product you could possibly want or need. 


Oasis Auto Bath uses green technology and constantly looks for ways to reduce our carbon footprint.  For example, in addition to our on-demand heaters, we constantly circulate, ozonate, filter, then reapply our high pressure water passes in a 6000 gallon replenishing water reclamation system.


We also make bottled drinking water on site and apply it as our true spot free rinse.  You don't even need to dry your car at Oasis.  You won't have any spots!


So please be my guest and enjoy your Oasis Auto Bath experience right now or anytime.  Brightly lit and always open, Oasis Auto Bath welcomes your arrival 24 hours a day / 7 days a week / 365 days a year (and leap year too :-)   


I look forward to sharing Oasis Auto Bath with you, and I personally guarantee your satisfaction or your money back.  If you ever want to share an idea how we can make Oasis Auto Bath even better for you, please let me know!


Happy Washing,




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