We use only biodegradable, safe cleaning and polishing products including Turtle Wax Professional Products in the self serve bays. 


Our $80,000 on-site water treatment facility and On-Demand Gas Heaters   include a water recycling and purifying sytem that reduces our carbon footprint


You are helping the environment every time you visit Oasis Auto Bath!

Why Do Our Customers Choose Oasis Auto Bath?



My name is Keith.  I own & manage Oasis Auto Bath and I personally guarantee your satisfaction!  I look forward to serving you whether you have a question, you want car care advice, or need a solution to a problem.  Please click here or call 813-719-1552 to contact me.  



We have 2 TouchFree Automatics for your convenience with an easy TouchScreen computer to set up your order.  No one will ever put pressure on you to upsell and you can enjoy the privacy of remaining in  your vehicle during your entire visit!


Everyone has Fun at Oasis Auto Bath. 


Our Oversized Wand Bays are bright even at night with 16' wide x 12' Tall Bays so you have LOTS of elbow room, even if you're washing your RV! 


A Bose Music System in every Bay so you can enjoy the tunes while you wash. 


We give you LOTS of product and All our products have colors and fragrances to excite all your senses! 


Escape to Oasis Today


One Swipe of Your Credit/Debit Card Gives You Full Access To Every Machine on Property.  You can even move from one to another as often as you like.  


$80,000 on-site water treatment facility


24 / 7 Live Video monitoring & recording. 


2 Touch Free Automatics measure your length & width so you get a customized  wash no matter what you drive.   


Rinse with our own bottled drinking water for a Spot Free Rinse - No Towel Necessary!


Enjoy the luxury of choices.


2 Touch Free Automatics

5 Oversized Self Serve Wand Bays

7 Super Vacuums

2 Fragrance Spray Machines

2 Hot Foam Carpet Shampooers

Over 20 Detail Vending Product Machines


We accept Credit & Debit Cards,

Gold Dollars, Quarters,

Gift & Fleet Codes 


Call us:

(813) 719-1552

Find us in : 

Strawberry Plaza Between Publix & Staples

1918 James L Redman Parkway;  Plant City

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