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How About A Hot Water Bubble Bath!

Enjoy the convenience of staying in your car with no high pressure salesman and let the Oasis Auto Bath TouchFree Automatics do all the work. 


Your vehicle will be custom measured and our computer will keep the nozzles at the perfect distance for optimum cleaning. 


You're going to love our virtual treadle plate!  Just drive in the open bay, put your car in park when you see the red light and let the computer do the rest while you and the kids have a front row seat for the show.


At the end of each wash you'll get a green go light as you actually drive through a Tropical Spot Free Waterfall!

We Make Car Washing Fun!  


Enjoy life's little luxuries at Oasis Auto Bath where you can use credit/debit cards, Gold Dollars, or Quarters, and each Bay has a Bose Music System so you can listen to Music while you wash.


Relax and enjoy the choice and convenience at your fingertips in our extra wide 16' wide bays with 12' high clearance big enough for the tallest RV. 


Your huge selection of choices include Bug Cleaner, Tire Cleaner, Sudsy Pink Foam From high quality, safe Hogs Hair Brushes.  Clear Coat Maintenance is easy and fun with our Tropical Blizzard Tri-Colored Polish& Conditioner and our Clear Coat Protectant.  Your final touch includes our very own Final Spot Free Rinse Using the Bottled Drinking Water We Create On Site!

Suction!  Suction!  Suction!


You'll be amazed by the power of our 7 oversized Super Vacuums, and excited about the convenience of our Hot Foam Carpet Shampooers, and 6 Flavors of Fragrance Spray Machines.


Make a day of it under our detail canopy or pull off in the back under the shady oaks to pamper your baby with our wide selection of detail products from the electronic vending island.


And remember you can use your debit/credit card anywhere on property with our Swipe-n-Clean System.  You can even get a towel from the vending island with your credit card if you wish or any of our other products including Armour-All, Brake Dust Wheel Cleaners, Hang Tag Air Fresheners, Tire Shine Spray, Glass Cleaners, Leather Cleaners, and More!


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