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2 Vending Islands And Tons of Space To Detail in the Shade!


There's nothing quite so relaxing and cathartic as showing your car how much you love her.  Absorbing the Fresh Air, Soaking in the Bright Happy Sunshine, Listening to your favorite Tunes on a Bose Sound System, all surrounded by others with the same spirit as you wash your worries away.

Wide Selection of Detail Products


Oasis Auto Bath helps you show your baby you love her in style with all the amenities at your fingertips so all you have to do is focus on the love.  We have a wide selection of detail products available in 2 vending islands accepting coins or credit/debit card codes. 


Surrounding the property, we have a detail canopy in the back available 24 hours a day for your convenience along with open detail spaces available under the shady oaks in the back or the bright sunshine on the sides.


The Electronic Vending Island in the front accepts Credit/Debit Card Codes with our Swipe-n-Clean System.  Just one swipe of your card and you control every machine on property including the vending island, which also accepts Gold Dollars & Quarters.  The second Vending Island in the Rear of the Property accepts Quarters Only.





Your Vending Choices Include:


Large White Towels:  These Large, White, Lint-Free Towels are wringable and reusable.  Spot Free Rinse is included in every Touch Free Automactic Wash and selectable in every self serve wand bay so towel drying is never needed at Oasis Auto Bath; however, if you want to buff out that shine, these high-quality, soft towels are the perfect, resusable choice that will never streak.  (Towel Size:  20" x 28").  Towels are available in both the electronic credit card/coin vending island up front or the quarter-only vending island in the back.


Magna Shine Microfiber Detailing Towel: These large microfiber towels are perfect for all surface cleaning.  Each individual fiber has a little sticky finger that safely grabs dirt and moisture off the surface leaving behind a streak-free shine.  Use microfiber for glass, vinyl, paint or as a cloth to polish your clearcoat with our Simoniz One Step Polish!  You can wash and reuse these cloths hundreds of times just make sure NOT to use any fabric softeners or you will reduce the power of the microfibers.  Microfiber towels are available on the electronic credit card/coin vending island by the front door.


Simoniz One Step Polish:  In just a matter of minutes, you can add years of life to your clearcoat with our Simoniz One Step Polish while you relax under the shady oaks or our 25' x 25' detail canopy. 


Simply grab a couple microfiber cloths - one for applying and one for removing.  First apply the polish to a damp cloth to rub a thin film of polish on all clearcoat surfaces.  In only a few minutes it will fill in the micro-pores in your clearcoat to protect your finish as the excess quickly dries to a haze.  Next, grab your second dry microfiber cloth to remove the haze.  You'll be amazed and love the results!  Simoniz One-Step Polish is available on the electronic credit card/coin vending island by the front door.


Armour-All Cleaner:  The first step for dirty vinyl seats, steering wheels, dashboards and more.  Armour-All Cleaner is available in the rear Vending Island that accepts quarters.


Armour-All Protectant - Sponge Packs and Spray Bottles:  Use this to seal in a protective conditioner coat on all your interior vinyl surfaces including dashboards, center consoles, vinyl seats, steering wheels, armrests, and more.  Two options include a saturated sponge applicator and/or a 4 ounce spray bottle.  Available from both the electronic vending island up front that accepts credit/debit card codes and the quarter vending island in the back. 


Wheel Cleaner:  Use this wheel cleaner BEFORE you do anything else.  Use it first to spray on brake dust while the wheel is dry.  This is a low acidic cleaner so only leave it on the wheel about 1 minute before rinsing.  It works like Magic.  If you're in the automatic, simply spray wheel cleaner one minute before you enter the wash and your undercarriage spray will blow away the brake dust as you enter! Wheel Cleaner is available on both vending islands.


Glass Cleaner Towelette & Glass Cleaner 4 ounce Bottles:  You have two options when it comes to Glass Cleaner.  A towelette has the glass cleaner solution already soaked in and/or you can get a 4 ounce glass cleaner bottle so you can keep reapplying.  This product is safe for all windows and window films.  Glass Cleaner is available on both vending islands.


Glass TIP:  NEVER use any glass cleaner that contains Ammonia on your tinted windows as it will damage the film - this includes most household glass cleaners, which include ammonia.  All Oasis Auto Bath Glass Cleaning Products are safe for your car.


Air Fresheners by "California Scents":  California Scents are the premium Air Freshener and the Palm Hang-Outs can suspend from any rear view mirror.  The colorful and fragrant Hanging Palm Tree is available in 4 popular flavors and is available in both vending islands.  Choose From:


Laguna Breeze

Coronado Cherry

Monterey Vanilla

Shasta Strawberry


Note:  We also have two Misty Fragrance Machines with 6 flavors if you prefer a spray.


Just For Leather Towelette:  This specially formulated Leather Cleaner is saturated in a towelette for easy application to safely condition and clean all leather products.  It even has a fresh leather scent to bring back that new car smell.  Just for Leather is available in the rear Vending Island that accepts quarters.


Simoniz Tire Shine Bottle and Black Jack Towelette:  Seal in your clean tire so future dirt is repelled while simultaneously shining your tire for that freshly detailed showroom look - all in a matter of seconds!  Black Jack is a pre-saturated sponge pack and Simoniz is a 4 ouce spray bottle.  You can even use both products together and they are available on both vending islands.


Tire Shine TIP:  Do you want a Gloss or Satin Finish on your tire? 

Gloss:  Simply spray a thin even coat around entire tire.

Satin:  After spraying, use a lint-free cloth or sponge to gently blend and remove excess

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