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Super Vacuums!  Carpet Shampooers!  Fragrance Machines!  Oh My!


So you had to slam on the brakes and the little angel in the back seat dropped her orange juice and the older angel in the front seat spilled her Latte.  What to do?!  Well, the Oasis Super Vacuum &  Hot Foam Carpet Shampooer to the rescue, of course.


Whether emergencies happen that require immediate attention, you want to shine up your tires after your wash, or you just need to get that heavy Florida sand out of your mats and carpet, Oasis will give you all the tools you need at your fingertips to accomplish your goals, and you'll have fun doing it too... 


Giant Oversized Super Vacuums!


WANTED:  Please Bring Us Your Most Difficult Florida Sand.


Each of our 7 Super Vacuums have Double Power & Double Capacity.  Oversized Super Vacuums at Oasis Auto Bath are Giant-Oval-Shaped with twice the Internal Vacuum Suction Space, and Twice the number of high suction motors than those skinny Bullet-Style canisters you'll see everywhere else.  


The result is amazingly powerful suction.  Test it yourself.  Hold your hand over the nozzle and witness the hungry hose agitate violently in defiance as you pry your hand away.  Only then will you understand the fear Florida Sand feels when you Super Vacuum at Oasis Auto Bath, and why you get a deeper clean in half the time.


TIP: Some Vacuums have extra services (see details below) such as Carpet Shampooers and Fragrance Machines, but you can always choose "Vacuum Only" if this is your option by simply pressing the "1" button on the keypad to choose "Vacuum Only".

2 Hot Foam Carpet Shampooers


Spills Happen and Oasis Auto Bath is always Ready to Rescue You with 2 Hot Foam Carpet Shampooers - 24 Hours a Day - Every Day!


While the spill is still fresh or even later after it's dry and already stained, come on in.  First activate the machine in Shampoo mode by entering Coin or Code, then press "7" for Shampoo mode.  When you've Started in Shampoo Mode you can actually toggle back and forth between Shampoo and Vacuum as often as you wish. 


So after you've activated Shampoo mode first, then press "1" to activate the Vacuum and suck up all the loose particles.  Then go back to shampoo mode by pressing "7", grab the shampoo brush and press the yellow button on the handle to apply an endless supply of hot foam to cover your carpet while you scrub with the brush.  (NOTE:  If you get too much foam, simply release the yellow button while continuing to use the brush.)


Now that you've finished scrubbing the Shampoo bubbles with your brush, reactivate the Super Vacuum to suck up the foam and stained areas.  If you come across a stubborn stain, simply repeat the process toggling between "7" Foam and "1" Super Vacuum until you have completed your detail.


Viola!  Another Clean Getaway! 

2 Misty Fragrance Machines


Oh, That's Nice...Nothing feels quite so euphoric as driving away with your renewed Showroom Shine and Gleaming Interior after a relaxing, fun Visit to Oasis Auto Bath.


Now, Take it to the Next Level.  Enjoy the theraputic aromas by choosing one of our Misty Fragrance Machines to select your choice from 6 fabulous flavors.  Your Choice of:


New Car

Jasmine Jazz



Pina Colada

Baby Powder


TIP:  Two of our Yellow Domed Super Vacuums have Misty Fragrance Options.  Before you choose a Fragrance, let the vacuum time run out completely.  Then, add coin or code, and press "4" on the keypad to enter Fragrance Mode. Next, choose one of the Fragrance buttons on each machine to make your selection. 


We also suggest you put the spray gun in your car Before you activate Fragrance.   As soon as you touch the button, your Fabulous Flavors will immediately spray so why not put all of it in your car?  Remember to Spray under the seats, in the trunk, and underneath the dash so your Fragrance gets injected in your air flow ventilation system.


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