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One Swipe.  Endless Possibilities.



At Oasis Auto Bath, you can use your debit or credit card for any service on property including our 2 Touch Free Automatics, 5 Self Serve Wand Bays, 7 Super Vacuums, Carpet Shampooers, Fragrance Machines, and Electronic Vending Island.  Simply Swipe-N-Clean!


There are no timers counting down when you use your credit/debit cards so you don't have to worry about running out of time if you miscalculate your needs.  With a code, it's the same price as cash, but the meter will go as long as you need it to.  When you're finished, simply hit the number "2" on the keypad to stop the service.  Just keep moving around to any service such as the Automatics to the Bays, Vacuums, etc. using the same code until you are finished.  You even have the option to print an itemized receipt if you choose.  Now that's convenient! 






Step 1:  SWIPE


Swipe Your Card at the Swipe-n-Clean Machine by the front door.  In only 2 seconds, your card will be authorized (not charged) to use any machine on property.  Take a look at your card.  Your last 4 digits are now your personal code.





All services have a telephone keypad on the door, and the automatics have a touchscreen "code entry" screen that looks like a telephone keypad.  Simply type in the last 4 digits of your credit/debit card followed by the "#" sign.  The "#" sign is like hitting the "enter" button on a computer.


After about 1-2 seconds, you will hear a double "Beep-Beep".  This lets you know you are on the network and the machine is ready for you to begin. 



Step 3:  CLEAN


Make your selection and begin cleaning.  The display will show your tally at all times.


Each decal has directions and arrows to guide you what to select.  For example, On a Super Vacuum press "1" if you want to vacuum, "4" for Misty Fragrance, or "7" for Hot Foam Carpet Shampoo.  Wand Bays have ten choices such as "3 for Bug Cleaner, "0" For Foam Brush, etc.  On the Vending Island, just press the keypad number for your vending product and it will drop electronically. Everything is literally available at your fingertips.


IMPORTANT:  When you're finished with all your services on each machine, be sure to touch the "2" STOP button.  This will turn the machine off and the display will show your final bill amount




Step 4:  END OF VISIT:  Receipt or No Receipt - Your Choice


When you've finished all your services, you have two choices:  Simply Drive away or Print a Receipt.  It's totally up to you.


Option 1:  Drive Away:  After a few minutes, your code will automatically deactivate.


Option 2:  Print Receipt:  When you're completely finished, you may choose to print an itemized receipt by going to the Swipe-N-Clean Machine by the front door and typing in your code followed by the "#" sign.  This will also force deactivation of your code manually.


Item to Note:  Typing in your code at the front door will simultaneously deactivate your code so be sure to only do this at the end of your visit, or you will need to swipe your card again to reauthorize your code if you want to use any more services.  



NOTE To Automatic Customers:  If your first swipe is at one of our 2 Touch Free Automatics, remember that when you exit the TouchFree you are already in the System so you can easily stop at any service including the Super Vacuums or the Vending Island and simply type in your code & "#" sign without swiping again to activate your service. 


Also, many customers during love bug season will start in the self serve bay with bug remover to "prewash" the really bad spots, then just drive to the automatic without reswiping their card by typing their code on the "code screen" to enter the automatic.

The possibilities are endless and all available at your fingertips!

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